Elder Law Practice Areas

Medicaid Planning & Long-Term Care

Americans are living longer, more productive, and fuller lives than in years past. As our society's life expectancy grows, it becomes increasingly more and more important to plan for our future care. We cannot rely on the hope that things will sort themselves out, but rather must seek out means of ensuring that our later years will be spent in a comfortable, engaging environment full of love and care. The Elder Law Center works to ensure that your future care, or the care of your loved ones, will be just that.

We provide counseling for Medicaid, review of nursing home contracts, patient's rights, and review of long-term care insurance policies. With our extensive experience in Nursing Home Litigation, we understand the detriment that can come from facilities that fail to operate at the expected level. This experience allows us to assist both in planning for future care, and in selecting and evaluating facilities for more immediate usage. Our Attorneys and staff are also very capable in assisting in applications for federal and state aid programs, should the need arise. With the Writer/Editor Nursing Home section of the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education Assisting Elderly Clients handbook for lawyers on our staff, it truly can be said that our Attorneys wrote the book on long term care.

To discuss Long Term Care, Medicaid Planning or other elder law issues with an elder law attorney, contact the Elder Law Center.